Can I wash the Copper Shopper?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind, in order for copper to kill bacteria and viruses, germs need to be in contact with the actual metallic coating of the bag. You can wipe your Copper Shopper with a clean, moist cloth. Please hand wash your tote with warm water, soap, and then pat dry. Please do not dry clean, iron, or use fabric softener on your bag. Make sure to avoid sharp items, and keep your Copper Shopper away from flames.

Does Copper Shopper have any additional Benefits?

The advanced technology of this engineered tote can also shield you from EMF (electro-magnetic fields), and lessen the impact of electronic devices inside your bag.

How much weight can my Copper Shopper hold?

You can safely carry up to 30 pounds.

Copper Shopper
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